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Guidelines for Paper Submission

Those who want their research papers to be published in the seminar proceedings may please submit it in the following format.

  • Full papers must be original and unpublished primary research.
  • The font to be used is Times New Roman.
  • Font size 9.
  • Maximum pages should be limited to 3 pages including figures, tables, and references.
  • Figures and tables to be properly indicated.
  • Spacing should be single .
  • Margin left should be 1 inch all the four sides in A4 (upper, lower, right, left).
  • All sections must be properly labelled (Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Experimental Section, Conclusions, References etc.).
  • References to be marked in square brackets at appropriate places .
  • References –only author name,then,journal name,volume,year,starting page, title not to be given.
  • Papers to be sent in word as well as pdf (both) .
Those sent without conforming to the above specifications will not be considered

Submit your paper by sending PDF and Word fles as per the above mentioned format to efcs2017@gmail.com